Highly Experienced Utility Surveyors

We utilize the latest technology to determine the location and depth of all documented services.

Minimize Risk Involved

Choosing Metroscan for your project minimizes the “risk” involved with the many aspects of underground excavation.

Safety and Utility Damage Prevention

Ensure your project comes in on time and under budget, with safety and utility damage prevention.

We provide our clients with peace of mind as to what underground services may be in their proposed work zone.

MUL – Metroscan Utility Locating

Underground Utility Surveying

Step 1 – Your Safety is First

  • Metroscan Utility Locating Ltd can help you plan your project with the utmost of safety by the use of accurate utility location services completed by highly trained, experienced and approved Utility Surveyors
  • When you choose Metroscan you ensure a complete assessment and accurate marking of the utilities on your construction site.
  • You will be working with experienced underground utility surveying experts who are trained to assess all variables and resolve issues proactively to assist damage prevention.
  • They are highly trained in dealing with the challenges of locating buried utilities. These include poor prints, congested easements, untraceable utilities, deteriorated tracer lines, deep utilities (up to 8metres) and also in areas where no records are present.
  • A primary benefit of utilising Metroscan is that you will have one damage prevention Utility Surveyor assigned to your site with the required industry experience and accreditation. This is how we’ll ensure the accuracy of your project markings and communication.
  • This will translate into a reduced level of risk for potential damage, downtime, and injuries.
  • Our professional cable detectors can locate unknown underground pipes and cables for your safety.
underground utility surveying Ireland

Step 2 – Controlling Project Costs and Prevention of Downtime

  • Metroscan provides a complete location on all utilities with unparalleled experience and approval.
  • This greatly reduces your project costs by using one company with fast, accurate utility services eliminating wasted time, money and red tape.

Step 3 – Manage risk

  • You will have peace of mind knowing that Metroscan is working to your chosen level of service and risk avoidance.
  • The true cost savings in preventing damages can only be understood by determining the costs required to complete your project, then considering the potential to lose much more. Personal and work related injuries have been known to result in fatalities and major financial hardships. In addition, Project Downtimes have been known to destroy any hopes for a “profit” when catastrophic utility damages are encountered.
  • You can tailor our service to fit any of you project needs whether it be at design stage or construction stage. At location service completion, your risk and resultant duty of care requirements are made transparent, which enables you to plan the next stage of your project.
Unknown Underground Pipes & Cables

Detecting Unknown Pipes & Cables

Metroscan is a professional contract company who provide accurate and safe locating services. Our team are highly trained and experienced, and we use the most modern and up to date cable detectors which can locate any unknown underground pipes and cables for your safety. We use only the most reliable and quality equipment. Cable and pipe locator technology is used to find wires and pipes sending off radio signals that may be active which we use handheld receiver equipment for this. They can determine the location and complexity of almost all types of underground utilities and the equipment also work in most types of soil conditions. For detecting unknown pipes and cables please contact us today.

Talk to us today about underground utility mapping.