Highly Experienced Utility Surveyors

We utilize the latest technology to determine the location and depth of all documented services.

Minimize Risk Involved

Choosing Metroscan for your project minimizes the “risk” involved with the many aspects of underground excavation.

Safety and Utility Damage Prevention

Ensure your project comes in on time and under budget, with safety and utility damage prevention.

We provide our clients with peace of mind as to what underground services may be in their proposed work zone.

MUL – Metroscan Utility Locating

Code of Practice and Standards

Standards – PAS128

Metroscan Utility Locating Ltd works to the UK standard of PAS 128 for accurately locating underground services. There is currently no such standard in Ireland for underground utility locating and mapping. There are 4 different categories to which the survey can be applied – Category D, C B and A. This standard is useful for clients to establish the level of a survey that would be required for their proposed works. Metroscan will offer advice as to which method is best suited to the client’s needs.

  • Category D – This is the simplest form of utility mapping. It is basically compiling all utility records from service providers. Utility records can be obtained from Gas Networks Ireland, ESB, Irish Water and all other service providers. This will give you a rough indication as to what services will be in your proposed work zone.
  • Category C – This, combined with D, includes a site visit to verify what services are present. Visual inspection of gas meters, hydrants, valves, manholes, and chambers will give an indication of the services present.
  • Category B – Category B is the most frequently used standard in Ireland. Combined with D and C, it consists of the use non-destructive geophysical methods (Electromagnetic Locating Device, GPR) to identify the horizontal and vertical position of underground services.
  • Category A – Category A, combined with all the above, includes visual inspection of the underground service. This can be achieved by means of vacuum excavation or hand dug trial pits.

Code of Practice – Avoiding Danger from Underground Services

The purpose of using the code of practice is to progress in the level of safety before any excavation work is carried out. The objective is to decrease any occurrence of damage to the underground services and reduce the risk to the workers involved in this work. Please click the link below for further information.